An Bold, New Take on the Story of Sleeping Beauty


The first Maleficent movie, released in 2014, gave a new perspective to the classic story of Sleeping Beauty turning Maleficent into more of a misunderstood hero rather than a villain. In this movie, a new king and queen are introduced sparking a whole new story. During the movie, the characters were given whole new personalities and went through times of serious change. Although this movie veered heavily from the original it was still a good movie. 

Mistress of Evil picks up five years after the events of the last movie. It starts when Aurora(Elle Fanning), now Queen of the Moors, gets engaged to Prince Phillip(Harris Dickinson), her beau from the last movie. When Aurora and Maleficent(Angelina Jolie) are invited to Prince Phillip’s parents, King John(Robert Lindsay) and Queen Ingrith(Michelle Pfeiffer), castle for dinner. Although, during this dinner, things start to go wrong and soon a full-on war has begun. During this war, about three different plot lines begin and in the end, none of them were fully brought to an end. 

Ever since Disney began its endeavor of turning classics into live-action films no award-winning film has come about, and much to my dismay this movie didn’t meet that mark either. The movie had incredible costumes, special effects, and a great cast which made the story truly come to life. However, since the last movie ended when the story did during this movie the writers were tasked with trying to create a whole new piece to the story. In the end, this new story seemed to take away from Maleficent’s powerfulness and to have too much going on. The two-hour run time of the movie also seemed to contribute to the storyline not being up to par. 

If you’re a fan of epilogues and story continuations, you enjoyed the first Maleficent movie, and prefer action over character development then you’ll enjoy this movie. If you’re not you will probably still enjoy the movie, but you may find the movie to be confusing and to have too much going on. Even though the movie has a PG rating it has some intense scenes with action and violence and some brief scary images. Although this movie wasn’t anything like the story of Sleeping Beauty it was still a fairly well put together movie.