“The Other Side of the Wall” Turned Out to be a Wall


The Other Side of the Wall by Amy Ephron is a book about two siblings (Tess and Max), their Aunt Evie, and a whole lot of mysterious things. A strange boy, Colin, is not what he seems, and in fact nothing the siblings are seeing is as it seems. 

Tess and Max were waiting for their parents to arrive at The Sanborn House hotel, but as soon as they checked in with their Aunt Evie, strange things started happening. It began snowing, and (according to Aunt Evie) London was magical when it snowed. When they went out of the hotel for a taxi, there was a carriage waiting for them, and the driver already knew their names. They had not even called for a taxi yet. Things only got weirder when they met Colin. He invited them to his room on the eighth floor (Max was sure there were only seven floors the day before) to play table hockey, and then the weirdness unfolded.

This book is full of plot holes and filler scenes. There are some unimportant parts like going to a skatepark. Ephron spends more time explaining how things look than what is going on. The unusualness of how the characters act and some of the writing style pushes your attention away from the book. 

Ephron has a long list of accomplishments, including getting nominated for the Southern California Independent Booksellers Association (SCIBA) Award and Grand Canyon Readers Award, and she was the executive producer of Warner Brothers’ A Little Princess. However, this novel does not live up to her impressive resumé. All in all, it makes for an uninspiring and disappointing read, making it difficult to understand.

The Other Side of the Wall by Amy Ephron has more detail about the characters’ clothing than a coherent plot. I would not recommend this novel, but if you want to read a subpar book about ghosts (I give it 3/10), this could be for you.