A Beautiful Monet Exhibit


The largest Monet exhibit in 25 years, with over 120 paintings, has come to our very own Denver Art Museum! The paintings in The Truth of Nature¬†follow Monet’s career from when he was doing simple portraits to his final painting.

Audio guides carry you through impressionism paintings that would make any jaw drop. They have guides for adults and children. This will keep children engaged with the art, and give adults time to look at the paintings around them. Angelica Daneo, one of the main coordinators of this exhibit, says that she hopes that the children’s audio guides will encourage them to examine the paintings around them and notice the details that Monet often put in his art.

I noticed that many of the paintings were very green and blue. I asked Daneo what she felt about Monet’s use of color. She replied that even though the color was repetitive, it was true. Monet always painted what he saw. He was an honest painter, and you can see that through the exhibit.

Christoph Heinrich, another coordinator of the exhibit, wants those that go to the exhibit to learn how much Monet respected nature, and how they should too. Heinrich also believed that people should learn that a painting is more than just a photograph. Through¬†The Truth of Nature, you can see all of the thought and effort that Monet put behind each painting, showing that paintings aren’t just a bit of paint on a canvas, but a story as well.

All of the paintings were beautiful, and the swatches of different colors made the artwork extremely interesting. Monet’s work with pastels was also very nice. A wonderful exhibit that everybody should go to. Adults cost 27$, kids 6-18 ar 5$, and those 5 and under free. In short, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that many should experience.