Best Friend or Not Book Review


Best Friend Or Not

“Best Friends” by Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham is a graphic novel about trying to fit in and to be popular.

This novel is about a girl, her life, and fitting in. Shannon, the average girl is trying to keep up with all her friends. But when she realizes that her friends don’t like her games anymore, and they know stuff she doesn’t, her whole life changes. Trying to keep up with friends, boys, and shows are getting just too hard. Plus her parents are not letting her do what all her friends do. Every night she gets home she always writes about her life in a story.

This leads to fights between her and her friends and breaking up with her friends. Through different experiences Shannon realizes who her true friends really are.

I really enjoyed “Best Friends”. The story is told from Shannon’s point of view. Hearing all of her thoughts were very interesting from what she thinks and from what she does. I never really understood why it was so cool to be popular. I think just being an average kid is cool.

I’m a very visual person so seeing what was going on was very helpful. I like the chapter about, “Are you still my true friend?” I feel like that chapter was really true and visual.

In the 240 pages of this book, I really enjoyed it. I knew I would enjoy this book because I really liked the author’s first book. It was a good easy quick read. If you haven’t read the first book “Real Friends” this book might not make too much sense. This book definitely keeps you intrigued to the end.