A Family Fun Game


The Trapper Keeper Game is a fun game for your whole family to enjoy. 

The Trapper Keeper Game is based on the real Trapper Keepers from the 1980s. The game includes a mini replica of the original Trapper Keeper to hold all the supplies, the 81 School Paper Cards, 11 Bell Cards, 5 folders, 1 Teacher’s Pet Marker, 1 Score Pad, 1 pencil and the instructions. 

I think the hardest part of this game is learning how to play. My mom had to read the instructions for us, and show us how to play. After the instructions were over with, the game came pretty easily.

To set up the game, you have to lay out nine piles of cards, all upside down, three in each row. Then, turn all the top cards over so you can see what the top cards look like. Elect the teacher’s pet, and give them the marker, an apple. They will shuffle the bell cards and lay out only six. If there is a five player game, the teacher’s pet will deal out five bell cards. 

Once the school day begins, the teacher’s pet will turn the first card in the bell stack over for all the players to see. Whatever the pattern is on the cards, that’s the way that all the players must collect their cards. The player can pick any cards as long as they’re in the order shown on the card. All the cards have individual points, and some have to be paired with another card to work. Others give you good points, unless you have the most in which they will count as zero points. 


You store all your cards in a Trapper Keeper folder, and put them in a side based on the doodles. If the card has a lot of blue doodles, you put it in blue. If it has a lot of red, you put it in red. This is actually requires more strategy than I thought, because you have to grade each of the doodles individually. 

This game was a little tricky at first, especially in the scoring part of the game, but it was actually fun once you learned how to play. Soon, my entire family was having fun. 

This is a fun family game because your parents may remember the things from the 80s, and the kids will be intrigued on what a Trapper Keeper actually is. 

As hard as it was to learn, this game was worth it because I know I’ll play it again.