The Jaws Game


If you have seen the movie “Jaws,” you know it’s a little scary, very suspenseful and exciting movie.

The Jaws game has some big fins to fill.  Fans of Jaws will be pleased that the set of the board game makes you feel like you are on the set of the movie. Being able to play the game version of the movie is perfect if your parent won’t let you watch a PG-13 movie (or in my case fast forward all the scary parts) or if you want to be able to take a bath again without fear.

I played the game with my parents who have both seen the movie Jaws and know all the characters and scary parts. When we got the game out of the box my mom said ” I feel like I am going to play a part in the movie.” and my dad said “It looks like good quality.” The first thing that I noticed is that the game is two sided and comes in two parts “Act 1” and “Act 2”. Act 1 or the “Amity Island Phase” is based on the first half of the movie which introduces the main characters and  takes place on Amity Island. Players can choose who they want to play Brody, Hooper, and Quint and the shark. The board looks like a very detailed resembling a resort town complete with multiple beaches. The premise of this first phase  is for the human characters to locate and tag the shark while keeping the swimmers on various beaches safe. It took awhile to set up the game and look at each character and choose which one we all want to be based on their different move options. You have to keep looking at the directions because there are so many different move options for each round.   It took us awhile to understand the game logistics and how the two parts of the game worked together. The two acts can be played independently of one another but if you want to play them together certain moves and wins in Act 1 determine the set for Act 2.

Act 2 or the “Orca Phase” while we were setting up Act 2 my mom kept getting confused with the order of steps and said ” I definitely think this game is for older kids since even I can’t keep all the instructions strait.” she also didn’t care for the “implied mild violence” that is present in Act 2. As an animal lover, I prefer Act 1 over Act 2 since I don’t want the shark to get hurt.

The game does have a complicated set up but I am sure that once we play it more and familiarize ourselves with the steps and try playing with different character combinations it will get easier. This is an excellent game for anyone who likes game versions of movies, gets bored easily with traditional board games and likes sharks.