“John Fielder: In Focus”, a Colorado Icon


“John Fielder: In Focus” shares many stories, pictures, tips, and lessons from the greatly renowned Colorado photographer, John Fielder. The book covers every aspect of John’s life from birth to the current day, including John’s upbringing and the three main roles John is passionate about: the “Family Man”, the photographer, and the environmentalist. The author’s main goal was to inform today’s youth about John’s story and to spread his message about preserving nature for future generations. If you are a fan of biographies, great photographs, or the environment, then this book is definitely for you! I liked how this book was organized, as it made it easy to imagine examples of John’s life in my head. I also enjoyed how John discussed both his successes and failures because both are important in life.

In a recent interview with John, he explained that the book contains three main messages; (1) you can be whoever you want to be; (2) environmentalism is critical; and (3) you should enjoy life no matter how hard it may get. John made these topics clear in the book because his life has been centered around these principles. Both in the book and as a part of this interview, John gave younger readers tips for photography, for example, (1) you learn by trial and error, (2) you can’t photograph what you can’t see, and finally, (3) leaving no trace is important. These tips are important to John because he has learned these lessons all throughout the span of his career, and not just from photography workshops. 

In conclusion, “John Fielder: In Focus” is a very descriptive book depicting a Colorado icon’s life and career, as well as presenting excellent tips for young photographers. In addition, the book also encourages young readers to follow their dreams, because as John believes, “life is truly amazing.”