Charlie’s Angels Are Back!


Charlie’s Angels is a new film adding to the woman-spy franchise for the first time since 2000. Elena Houghlin (Naomi Scott) is a systems engineer working on Calysto, a new, clean energy source. When she discovers that the device she created can be weaponized, Charlie’s Angels step in. Together Elena, Jane (Ella Balinska), and Sabina (Kristen Stewart), the Angels she meets, go undercover with Bosley (Elizabeth Banks) to help Elena neutralize the threat Calysto poses and get it out of the wrong hands. This film is a fun mix of action, comedy, and surprisingly heartfelt moments. Each character has depth in their emotions and backstory that add to the dimensionality of the film.  Surprisingly enough, this is all achieved while still being true to the original Charlie’s Angels. 

The story continues on the timeline of the other movies, and some of the original Angels make an appearance. It’s explained how you get to the events of this film from where we left off at the end of the last Charlie’s Angels movie. You don’t have to see the others in order to understand the plot of this one, though. While it connects to the earlier movies, it can be seen as a standalone and is still a lot of fun without having any previous knowledge of the franchise. 

There is a very strong theme of female empowerment throughout the movie, unfortunately, some of the male roles in the film are stereotyped to be egotistical and belittling because of this. Gendered roles aside, I think that everyone can enjoy this film. It’s fun without compromising the seriousness between the characters and has an upbeat selection of interesting music, scenery, and costumes. The action moments, ridiculous scenarios, cheesy futuristic technology, and overused plot remind me of classic action movies, which some people might call cliche. To enjoy the movie, you have to go along with some of the more ridiculous situations, and accept that it can still be a good movie while being very stereotypical.

The dry moments are kept to a minimum, and unlike some other action movies, the moments without fighting are still engaging. I would recommend this film to people twelve and up since the fight scenes can get slightly gruesome at some points in the film. Action, mystery, and thriller fans will enjoy the action and the suspense of the mysterious aspects. Charlie’s Angels is visually, auditorily, and intellectually engaging the whole time, drawing the viewer in with well-timed plot twists and points of concentrated emotion.