You’ll be watching this next Christmas


Whimsical, upbeat, and well done. Last Christmas is a great movie of holiday spirit, romance, and sacrifice. It stars Kate (Emilia Clarke): a worker at a Christmas store where she has to dress up as an elf. She has dreams of being a big-time singer and actress, but very little success. To add to all of that, she has no permanent residence and pretty much her only option is to do the unthinkable: move back in with her parents. Her life is turned around completely when she meets Tom (Henry Golding). Tom is a volunteer at a homeless shelter and just about the most care-free person ever – unless it comes to helping people or being a good person. The comedy is this movie is spot-on. In parts, it is light humor, other times it’s a bit darker, but it always very well done, thought-out, and balanced. However, as I said, the humor can be dark, and many more parts would probably not be great for children. There is alcohol use, sexual themes, and just a lot of things that aren’t great for children. Last Christmas is essentially a PG-13 Hallmark movie. But there was another major issue I had with it is that the ending just didn’t sit well. A) it was kinda confusing, B) it was very disappointing, and C) it made me write off the entire movie as worse. Nonetheless, my Dad, whom I went with, said that he really liked the ending, so it could also just depend on the person. I also wished that they elaborated on a few parts a bit more, but they were still comprehensible, so it was just annoying. Overall though, this movie was warm and heartfelt. It is an hour and 43 minutes and does a good job of staying engaging throughout. Only twice or so in the middle did I get bored, and it didn’t seem to take the full hour and 43 minutes. However, part of that I think was the repetition of a similar plot arc happening numerous different times. For instance, Tom locked his phone in a cabinet claiming that it relieved stress. As a result, Kate has a hard time contacting Tom several times. Some other ones include snipes in between Kate’s boss and Kate, and general family issues for Kate. Whilst good at first, they did get a little played out. However, a large part of the issues with her family was to address another issue: the issue of discrimination. More particularly, discrimination against Yugoslavia – since that is where Kate’s mother is from. This is sprinkled throughout and makes the movie better for showcasing these problems and a solution – just very subtly though. All in all, this movie wasn’t quite as good as my expectations, but it was still quite good. It was a good rom-com and Christmas movie the characters were all easy to love, and it was overall enjoyable. I have a hunch that people will be watching Last Christmas next Christmas.