Tiny World Crafts, a Fun Way to Craft


I got three of the four Tiny World Craft boxes. They were all very unique and taught me very different ways of crafting.

The first box I opened was the Felting! kit. I have never heard of felting before, so I was excited to learn. This ended up to be a stranger craft than I had imagined. The kit had a felting tool, a needle with bristles attached to a pencil like structure. I took the felt and decided to try it out. The instruction book was very helpful, a 32-paged full color booklet. However, this was not my favorite craft. It involved a lot of poking, over and over and over again. I got agitated with the craft before I even got to the second step.

The needle is very delicate, so I shouldn’t have been surprised by the result. The needle comes with a case for when you aren’t using it. I put the case on not so gently, evidently, because when I came back after a much needed break, the needle was broken. I was sad about that, but I had learned that felting wasn’t for me. 

The second box that I opened turned out to be my favorite. The box was called Pins! This one was similar to Shrinky Dinks. I really enjoyed making them, and coming out of the oven they looked great! However, when I applied the enamel coating like the instructions said, the white enamel was evident on the pins. The design was covered by the white. I may try again and leave out the enamel. Still, this was my favorite box. 

The third box was the Embroidery! box. This one was a close second, and I learned a ton! Some of the stitches, the chain stitch in particular, were difficult and required a lot of ripping out thread, but I eventually got it and enjoyed it. I didn’t finish my cactus, but I’ve already learned a lot. 

The crafts are very fun because it introduces you to something you may not have found otherwise, but they are pricey. I would love to get the fourth kit, the sculpting kit, but the price is for sure causing me to hold back. But, with great instruction booklets and tiny ways of seeing what you like, the Tiny World crafts are a fun way to learn a new skill and find a new hobby!