Bestselling Author In Town


Shannon Messenger, author of the New York Times bestselling series Keeper of The Lost Cities and the young adult Sky Fall series, recently released her new book Legacy, the eighth book in the exciting Keeper of the Lost Cities series. During her book tour, she came to Denver where I was able to interview her.
According to Messenger, the idea for the series was Lord of the Rings meets X-men. She wanted to modernize the elves from Lord of the Rings. She had the idea to take away their magic and treat it more like superpowers, she also wanted there to be many great characters that were all important and worked together as a team. Keeper of the Lost Cities is an extraordinary 8 book fantasy series (so far) about Sophie Foster, who lives in San Diego as a twelve year old high school senior. She is able to hear people’s thoughts, and has been since an accident when she was five. She discovers that she is an elf when she meets Fitz Vacker, an elf who also has telepathic abilities. He brings her to the Lost Cities where elves and many more spectacular creatures live. She makes many friends such as Keefe, Dex, Biana, and many more. She also interacts with many bizarre and majestic beasts. Together they uncover dark secrets and fight villains. “I get paid to think about what it would be like to be inside the head of a sparkly flying unicorn.”
Messenger says that to start a new book, she begins by making a list of all the questions she has not answered yet. She does a mix of what is called “pantsing” which is were you just write by the seat of your pants and plotting, were you have an outline. Which she learned from her studies as a screenwriter. She needs to have the basic outline for the book, then write in all the details. “I can’t really start the book until I know where I think the book is going to end.” “If I try to plan everything It gets very formulaic, it gets very stilted and stiff.” To write a scene she says: “I can’t write a scene until I can see it in my head.”
Shannon Messenger plans to have about ten books in the Keeper series, but she is not quite sure. The fanbase is excited for her to be starting book nine in December. Keeper Of the Lost cities recently got an astounding number four on New York Times bestselling list and number five on USA Today, despite having many extremely popular competitors, such as Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and Harry Potter.