Friendship To the Max!


Have you ever heard the term “Nobody’s perfect”? Well, Jen Wang’s “Stargazing” really brought that out. Through incredible drawings, dialogue, and storytelling, Jen Wang brings her creativity to life on paper. Using parts of the author’s childhood, Wang tells the story of a girl who erases her pressure to be perfect and finds her true passions all through an unlikely friend. Their relationship becomes strong and both girls discover new things about themselves. They realize that even when life throws challenges at them, they will be there to get each other through.

Christine has parents who expect a lot of her. She has a little sister, lives in Los Angeles, and loves to watch the Ravens play with her dad. She does Chinese class with her friends and has a good violin group. However, she never has painted her nails, used makeup, and is constantly studying no matter how good her grades are. She escapes her all-perfect world through music. I liked how the author made her a little lost. It was something that affected her throughout the story, and it added a little extra drama. You can tell that she tries to believe in herself, but it can be hard. She is pretty much constantly pushing herself, and she doesn’t notice she isn’t enjoying life at the fullest. I really loved this brilliant character Wang made.

Plot Twist! Here comes Moon, the exact opposite of Christine. Moon sure turns Christine’s world upside down! She is impulsive, a dreamer, confident, artistic and most surprising, Buddhist. I noticed that Moon and her mother stick out in their neighborhood for having money problems. However, Moon and Christine’s relationship gives the book a sense of finding freedom, making “Stargazing” a wonderful read. It was good that in the book Moon and Christine make a perfect team, helping each other learn new things. Moon introduces Christine to K-pop and dancing, while Christine helps Moon be comfortable with her friends and community. They sign up to dance in the talent show together. Heck, Christine paints her nails for the first time with Moon!

I loved Jen Wang’s other book, “The Prince and the Dressmaker,” so I was excited when I saw this book. My favorite thing about this book is how it met all of my expectations. Moon and Christine change each other’s lives! It does get intense. Moon gets violent, Christine’s parents worry she’s going to lose herself and forget to become successful, and Christine worries about her friend, especially when she sees that Moon is more popular with everyone than her.

“Stargazing” was a great read. The details were good, and you could tell Jen Wang put some thought into it. Even though everyone should be reading this, I still think kids grade 5 and up would enjoy this book more. It’s intense and could bring up questions, but otherwise read on. This book was incredible and another masterpiece from Jen Wang!