Jumanji: The Next Level is on a whole new level


Thrilling, Fast-paced, and magical, Jumanji is one of the best movies of the year. It features the five characters from Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle along with two brand-new characters: Grandpa Eddie and Milo Walker. They go back into Jumanji after Spencer disappears and that is the only place he could have gone. The plot is well done and fits good together, parts seamlessly going from one to the next. It is entertaining and doesn’t feel like the full two hours and three minutes. At one point, I even forgot where I was and had to remind myself because I was too invested in the movie. I only had two main problems with the plot, one of which was the ending. It seemed too easy and anticlimactic. They had been building up the ending since pretty much the very beginning, but then it was just relatively simple. The other issue was that several concepts were copied from the first movie with very little variation if any. And that caused these parts to get old, plus some repeat concepts in just this movie that just felt boring and unexciting after a bit. Also, it seemed as though this one had a bit less heart or something, it wasn’t quite as inspiring (I can’t think of a better word, Mike. Please take this out. Thank you). But, this is part of almost any second movie that isn’t quite as good. But, that being said, I feel as though the comedy might have been even better than the first movie. However, this causes some of it to be a little raunchy. Not too much, but still shouldn’t be seen by younger audiences. A rule of thumb for this I’d say is that if you think the person in question could watch the first one fine, they can watch this one, too. Furthermore, I wish they included more detail for certain characters and avatars. They added two new avatars but they were both just lightly brushed over before being shoved aside again. Also, as it is well known, the characters always have three lives. However, it seemed like the characters lost lives for unimportant or stupid reasons. Basically, they just had the characters lose lives in the most senseless of ways just because they needed some way. But, the even worse part of that is how one of the characters goes from three life to one for no explained reason, and it was quite irritating and annoying, just wondering how someone magically died twice. However, the acting of The Next Level was quite good, especially from Dannie Devito. He added such a good comedic aspect and worked very well in it. This movie, despite my ranting, is very well done and I feel will almost be as much of a classic as the first. Jumanji: The Next Level is a great movie and I would recommend it to almost anyone. Truly amazing and spectacular, this movie will level up to the top.