Cats- An Almost Purr-fect Movie


We have all heard of the musical Cats. Some people are huge fans of it. This movie definitely captured all of the Broadway spirit and characters you want. The starring cat Victoria (Francesca Hayward) who is thrown out in the first scene, meets a group of cats calling themselves the Jellicle cats. She dragged into their world, finding herself just in time for the Jellicle Ball, which is when the moon is at its fullest and brightest. During the ball there is a competition to see who will get reborn into a new life. It only happens once a year, so the stakes are high. This movie certainly made a good impression on me, it being my first introduction into the world of Cats.

This is a great movie that will make you laugh, cry, and sometimes sing along. For example, Rebel Wilson’s appearance as Jennyanydots and her singing mice and cockroaches cracked me up. James Corden’s performance of “Bustopher Jones” also made me laugh. One of my favorite characters was Rum Tum Tugger, played by Jason Derulo. His ability to just show up and make a party out of anything amazed me. Also, the bad cat, Macavity (who was played by Idris Elba) was a great part of the plot. Macavity is a cunning, ruthless trickster who will stop at nothing to restart his life, taking out his competition one by one. Taylor Swift’s role was an interesting one. She played Bombalurina, who was Macavity’s sidekick. She wasn’t there much, but she played her role well. There were parts that made me cry as well. When Grizabella (Jenifer Hudson) sung “Memories”, it made me tear up. The songs showed grit and emotion which made me like Cats even more.

The cat costumes also blew me away. It is really cool what animation and costumes can do these days. Some people thought it was creepy, but I thought it was impressive. I loved how in character the actors and actresses were. They embraced their inner cat and let it shine through in the movie. They jumped like cats, they would run like cats, they would dance like cats. Heck, they would even rub heads with each other instead of hugging!

This movie has some cons, however. I felt that there were some unnecessary parts like the song “How to Address a Cat” and Old Gus’s (Sir Ian McKellen) song. It is a little confusing, on the account it is from a cat’s perspective of the world. There isn’t much talking, just song after song. It is very dance-based and musical, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you like action. It would probably be for 9+, from romance and the fact it would not make much sense because the movie seemed to switch around perspectives with each cats story.

Overall, I would recommend it. This is a movie full of emotion, acceptance, and compassion. Even if you have seen the play, go see this! It is a wonderful addition to the world of Cats, so go enjoy it. If you have never heard of Cats but it sounds interesting, be my guest! It is a great introduction to this meow-sical world!