SmART Pixelator is a Challenge


The smART Pixelator is a fun toy, but it also has challenges that may slow buyers. 

The Pixelator itself is crucial to have as the app won’t let you continue without it. There are other products that this brand sells, but the Pixelator is what you must have.

The Pixelator is similar to a regular pixelator, or Lite Brite, but it has the steps broken down to make it easier. All the instructions are online, so you have to download the app.

I think the app was the best part of the product, because you got to make a profile, which was a lot of fun. The app has all the different products, bracelets, beads, the 3D beads, sequins and the pegs. The instructions were pretty good for all of the projects, except for the bracelets.

The bracelets had really cute designs, but the instructions on how to sew it together were at the beginning, so by the time you finished the long grueling bracelet, you completely forgot how to thread it together. I tried to start the other bracelets just to see if they had the instructions, but it seemed like a one time instruction manual. The unfinished bracelet is still in my room. 

The bead projects were pretty cool, with instructions on things that were super detailed, like a tiger. In order to work the Pixelator, using your smart device you find a project that you want, and click on it. Then, the step-by-step instructions light up for the parts that you need to construct. It was fun, but the beads were super small and hard to get on the plastic sheet without knocking everything else out of place. The kit includes a tool to help, but it’s tricky to get the beads off, so it tips the whole art over. 

The pegs are much easier to use, but the instructions weren’t clear on whether you need to iron the pegs or not. Otherwise, the pegs were fine and they were easy to put on the board. 

The cleanup was absolutely horrible, especially if you don’t want the colors to mix. I spent the entire afternoon putting all the colors in individual ziplock bags. In hindsight, I would have just mixed the colors. 

The smART Pixelators made really cool projects, and were great for a rainy day, but they were frustrating and the instructions on what to do after you finish putting the beads in their place were unclear. The only clear instructions were on how to set the Pixelator up. I would give this a three out of five stars for these reasons.