The Light at the Bottom of the World


The Light at the Bottom of the World, by London Shah takes place in the future in the year 2099 and is about a girl named Leyla McQueen that lives in a underwater world of London.

Leyla’s father is arrested by the English government and Leyla decided she must do something. Leyla, 16, leaves behind all of her familiar securities in London and she risks everything, including her own life to go find and save her father.

Throughout the book, Leyla meets new friends and they help her with her mission. As we start to learn more about the numerous conflicts between characters, the reader discovers how each character is contributing to the rescue of Leyla’s father.

Parts of this book, definitely kept me on edge, however there were a few times when I couldn’t follow entirely, and I had to go back a couple pages and reread to find the information I was missing to appropriately understand what was happening. I wish that this book was a little bit more detailed as I felt that the author skipped some important aspects of the book.  I had many questions like, How do they live here? Has the human race adapted to this? Is this a worldwide habitat?  Most of my questions were not answered, but I had my assumptions of how the characters in the future world survived.

If you decide to read this book,  please be a fan of futuristic sci-fi and dystopia fiction where you as the reader will have to speculate.  I prefer books where I do not have to speculate, it makes the book much easier to understand and I am not a huge sci-fi fan. If you are, I would then recommend her book.