Little Women Brought to the Screen


Classics, whether books or movies, turned into new live-action films, although, some of the time these new movies add unnecessary plot lines or unwanted new stories to a beloved classic. However, when it comes to the new movie Little Women, based on the 1868 novel by Louisa May Alcott, this was not the case. In this new adaption, Jo March(Saoirse Ronan) captures every moment of her and her three sisters in the novel that she is writing. The movie is filled with stories of friendship, hardships, and love of the March sisters. 

The movie begins during the aftermath of the Civil War with the March sisters’ father away in the army and their mother struggling to make ends meet. Jo, Meg(Emma Watson), Amy(Florence Pugh), and Beth(Eliza Scanlen) March all live in the city of Concord, Massachusetts, and vary in age and looks. Although, all four are as close as can be and truly show what an ideal sisterhood is, including the normal arguing aspect. During the movie, the audience is brought back and forth between the sister’s childhood to where they are as adults. As children, they write and star in their own plays, go to school, help out around the house, and enjoy time with their wealthy neighbor Theodore “Laurie” Lawrence(Timothée Chalamet). As adults, they have each gone in separate ways until a tragedy befalls the family and they once again unite. 

Another great aspect of the movie other than its plot was its historical accuracy. The movie included amazing costumes from Meg’s cottilion, to Amy’s dresses during her time in Paris, and even some of the day to day outfits that the characters wore. Aside from the costumes the movie also spoke to what it might have been like to grow up with a father gone fighting in a war. There were several scenes in which the sisters spoke about missing their father, or the sacrifice they were making by having him gone. 

Although there were many truly amazing pieces of this movie there were several downsides. With a runtime of 2 hours and 14 minutes, I became antsy and when the end of the movie came I was definitely ready for it. Another issue with the movie was the continuous switching between time periods. Which between the many characters, which had very brief introductions, made it difficult to follow. The other issue with the movie was that a timeline and places were never clarified throughout which was another factor as to why the movie was difficult to follow.

If you were a fan of the book or not you will still love this movie. Between a great storyline, incredible costumes, historical accuracy, and it overall is a very well done remake the movie was definitely worth going to see. Even with the few downsides to the movie it was still done well considering it had to be adapted from a 759-page book. The movie brings the audience through an emotional rollercoaster with twists and turns that could never be expected.