The Funkopop Board Game Is Strange but Rewarding


Harry Potter is famous worldwide, and it makes sense that Funkopop™ would create a board game based on that universe. However, the game does not live up to the high standards of the book series. It has potential to be a fun game for anyone’s freetime, after figuring out the complicated rules.

In theory, the Harry Potter Funko Pop board game should be twenty to sixty minutes long, but in reality playing the game takes sixty to ninety minutes, not including setup. The package contains a foldable cardboard map, four Pop! figures, two basic characters (an auror and a death eater), two scenario cards, a dagger, a felix felicis, twenty one points, a first player marker, six dice, four status cards, two cooldown tracks, eight game tokens, and instructions. It took a whole two hours just to figure out how to set it up the first time.

There are five game modes in the Funko Pop! board game: the “first game,” the “leaders,” the “control,” the “territory,” and the “flags” modes. After setting up, you are supposed to play your “first game” mode to get used to it, which was entirely useless, as you could have just played another mode to get comfortable with the game. On top of that, the “first game” does not use points, which are vital to win the regular game modes. However, after spending hours figuring out the rules to each game mode, playing the game was a breeze, and was extremely fun. 

The instructions are unclear, and can be interpreted in many ways. The directions were entirely not helpful because they did not fully explain what the rules are for each individual game mode, and each mode is unique. For instance, the leaders game mode has a different number of points for when a player’s character knocks down a rival (a character on your opponent’s team), while the control mode has points given at the end of a round.  

Overall, this game was pretty much fun, but only after you figure out the rules to the particular  modes. If you have enough patience to spend several hours figuring out how to play each mode, this could be your game. As a dedicated Harry Potter fan, I found the learning process extremely long, but entirely rewarding.