Pie in the Sky


Pie in the Sky,¬†by Remy Lai tells the story of 2 brothers, Jingwen(11) and Yangho(9). Jingwen and his family have to move to Australia because Jingwen’s mother wants them to have a better life. When they finally arrive in Australia, Jingwen believes that he is an alien living on Mars. Jingwen doesn’t speak much English so he feels out of place with everyone at school and even at home.

Later on in the book we learn about the Pie in the Sky cakes that Jingwen and his brother bake. Each cake symbolizes something important. And in the begining you may be wondering about the Rainbow cake and why it is so important to Jingwen. We also start to learn about why Jingwen moved to Australia and about the tragedy and loss that struck Jingwen’s family.

This book really helped me learn the hardships people go through whether that’s moving to a place where you can’t speak the language that well or if it’s something going on in your family. This was a very heartwarming book. This book made me laugh and almost cry. Once you learn that has happened¬† to Jingwen’s family you will understand why they had to move away. When I first started reading this book, I didn’t know the backstory that well but when the story goes on you understand their life.

What I really liked about this book was that the author, Remy Lai actually lives in Australia and she grew up in Singapore. So I’m assuming that this book is a similar spinoff to Remy Lai’s background. If you do chose to read this book, you should be a fan of funny and heartwarming novels. You should also be a fan of cake if interested in Pie in the Sky.