Legend is a work of fiction written by Marie Lu. In the future, the world has changed drastically. What is left of the U.S.A is separated into two nations called the Republic, the harsh – ruling empire, and the Colonies, the free and rebellious country. In the Republic, plagues occur often, so the nation is divided into rich sectors and poor sectors. The Republic supplies vaccines to the rich and marks the doors of the poor.

Day is a 15 year old boy, who is also the Republic’s most wanted criminal. June is a 15 year old girl who is considered a prodigy, the only one who got a top score on the trial, a test in which the Republic decides if you belong in the rich or poor sectors. When June’s older brother is killed, Day becomes the prime suspect. When a dark secret about the Republic is revealed, June has to reconsider which side she chose.

 Legend is a story for people who like books about wars for justice and equality. More of the history of the Republic is explained in the other books in the series, and the books will keep you up all night. It is full of things that will make you choose which side is the most fair and then it says something that changes your mind. A true cliffhanger about choosing sides on the brink of rebellion, I would recommend this to those who like The Hunger Games or Throne of Glass novels. 

This book is extremely violent. I think it’s target audience are teenagers and late tweens. Bloody scenes are abundant, showing how poorly the main character is treated. As well as action, this book also contains partial romance themes. 

Throughout the plot, many of the characters develop into different personalities. The general theme is not that obvious, but when you finish the book and reflect, it suddenly becomes clear. This book overall is very compacted with chunky transitions and cliffhangers, but a good read, nonetheless.