First Sign of Spring in Denver


Most of us have probably seen some pretty orchids. They might have been really nice. But the ones at the Denver Botanic Gardens Orchid Showcase are some of the best I’ve seen.

I especially enjoyed how the orchids were displayed. The horticulturist I met with, Scott Preusser told me about the reason the flowers on display weren’t all orchids. It apparently was because of the way the fact that the orchids have tags. Using moss, they are able to hide the tags that the flowers carry. On top of that, having flowers with matching color and backgrounds that go with the type of orchid made it feel more natural, allowing the orchid to really stand out.

The orchids there all need special care, for they are definitely not your regular house flowers!
They require intense humidity and would not survive just being out in the dry Colorado air. Most plants wouldn’t. As a matter of fact, the Botanic Gardens has many greenhouses, each one with certain temperatures based off of the type of plant. When I went inside some of the greenhouses, it felt like a tropical jungle after it had rained, especially the ones holding the orchids. Even looking through the windows, there were droplets of water all across. Some of them were from Hawaii, so they needed that humidity.

The orchids were all beautiful, but there were definitely some that stood out to me. The Moth orchids are on the more simple side, but they are wonderful when in groups. I saw a cluster of lilac ones that I loved the second I saw them. There are a variety of types when it comes to Moth orchids, so I liked seeing one special color. One of my other favorites was a beautiful hybrid orchid. Yes, hybrid flowers are a thing! It was a Tokyo Blue and Sapphire, which made it a pretty indigo color. One orchid that caught my eye was a Vanilla orchid. Vanilla actually comes from orchids, believe it or not. If that doesn’t shock you, orchids actually naturally grow in trees. Inside of a greenhouse, they had a tiny orchid growing on a little log, and most of the other orchids are slanted like when it grows on a tree.

The Botanic Gardens also held some extremely rare orchids, some too rare to show. This included the Dracula Orchid. It was still blooming when I visited, but when it blooms, it has black and dark, murky reds. The bulb itself was a purplish-black.

I would definitely recommend going to the showcase. The display is lovely and seeing these orchids is a great way to transition into spring. It is an experience for all ages, but I would suggest going with family or close friends. The orchid display runs until February 15. Hope it grows on you like it did me!

Phalenopsis or Birdie Orchid

My Dad’s favorite