The 1,000 Year Old Boy


You may have seen or read books about people who want to be immortal. This book is about a boy who wants to stop being immortal and grow up like us. In The 1,000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford, a boy named Alfie and his family own these precious pearls named life-pearls. If you use them once, you stop growing up, but you can still die by battle, disease, or natural disasters. If you use them once more, you start growing up again like normal. Alfie ends up becoming immortal but wants to grow up normally again.
This book is about the adventure he has while looking for the last pearl. Being immortal might sound fun in the beginning, but as you read the story, you get a glimpse of why that might not be a good idea. Fortunately, Alfie has great friends, who make sacrifices and risks to help Alfie on his journey. For instance, when the friends meet Alfie, one friend gives him his little sister’s clothes, even though he might get in serious trouble. This made me think about what it takes to be a good friend to someone. Also, this book included lots of details, so you may feel like you’re in the story. For example, it says, “It was like our class was a wild dog that could smell fear.” Here, the author used figurative language to show the reader that the class can sense fear in the air. Overall, this book was very exciting, with many plot-twists that made me want to read more of the story. Although there were a few confusing events, most of them started to make sense by the time I finished this book. If you like adventure, suspense, and reading chapter books, I would highly recommend this book.