New Sci-Fi Sequel Soars Into Bookstores All Around


Brandon Sanderson created a masterful and imaginative sci-fi world and story with
Starsight and Skyward. There could be no better book to follow up the already skilled novel that is Skyward. Starsight is the brilliant sequel to Brandon Sanderson’s Skyward, a teen sci-fi book following our hero Spensa. She is a strong female protagonist with defining qualities.

These two books illustrate the world of Detritus, the refuge planet for the handful of humankind that remains. The humans home base, Igneous, is constantly being raided by the Krell, an alien race keeping the humans at bay. Because of this, people created an air force to fight off the Krell, called the DDF. Spensa’s one dream is to become a starfighter pilot for the DDF. Her father was a starfighter pilot and was labeled a coward after “fleeing” from the biggest Krell battle in history, but was shot down anyway. During her adventures in training to become a pilot, she discovers some dark things about her father, things that will change her life forever.

Starsight continues this endearing story with new characters and an interesting plot line. This book never struggles to keep you on your toes. In Starsight, Spensa drives to get a better grasp on her mysterious new powers, which she discovers at the end of book 1, Skyward, all while having to infiltrate the government behind the Krell. Also in book 1 she meets an AI named M-bot and finds her very own starship, which play an important role in Starsight. The book really demonstrates her inner struggle and drive to complete her mission. While they are both good books, it would be difficult to properly enjoy Starsight without reading Skyward first. These books are ideal for age ranges 9 and up, but younger kids can still find those books appealing. Brandon Sanderson plans to have four books in the series, but book 2 Starsight was just published in November 2019 and he hasn’t started writing book 3.The series is highly recommended for sci-fi and dystopian lovers. It’s a story of defiance and determination, action-packed and mysterious.