Middle School Doesn’t Start Out Great In The Beginning, Will it Turn Out Amazing in the End?


“The Perfect Star” by Rob Buyea is the third book in the series following five friends in their last year of middle school.  Although their problems are tough they all have amazing friends to help them through it.  

The book follows these five friends. Randi, a really good gymnast.  Trevor and Gavin are star football players. Scott, who starts out as the trainer but doesn’t want to play football. Natalie stars on the school TV news broadcast and wants to be a lawyer. 

When Randi gets hurt doing gymnastics right after she makes it into the finals, she gets really mad because she has to sit out for the rest of the season. Trevor, Scott, and Gavin’s football team doesn’t have a coach. But luckily the previous coach’s daughter Mrs. Magenta takes the job. Everyone was shocked at first because she was the first female football coach  ( their reactions even made it on the local TV news) but eventually they got used to her. 

The five friends decide to change things up and make a school news broadcast instead of the old newspaper. It is called the Razzle Dazzle Show. They’re having fun, but then Trevor and Mark, another football player and Trevors best friend, get in a fight because Mark thinks Trevor is spending too much time with Natalie. During their next football game, Natalie distracts Trevor and he misses the block and Mark gets hurt badly. Mark gets mad, stops talking to Trevor and doesn’t even go to the school broadcast. Then Gavin’s dad gets hurt, and they have to work together to raise money to help him. Will things ever go back to normal?  

Eventually, the friends find really interesting ways to work together to solve everyone’s problems. 

I really liked this book because of the characters helping each other through their problems and the way they worked together to get through middle school.  My favorite character was probably Randi because she stayed strong even though she was hurt. If you like a story about life and sports then you should read this book. I think Rob Buyea did a great job writing with really descriptive words.