What Do Real Pigeons Do? They Fight Crime, Of Course


Real Pigeons Fight Crime is a book written by Andrew McDonald and illustrated by Ben Wood about a group of crime-fighting pigeons called the “Real Pigeons.” Rock, the main pigeon, gets recruited by a pigeon named Grandpouter, and together, with a few other pigeons named Frillback, Tumbler, and Homey, they go and fight crime around the city. Each chapter features a new crime that the “Real Pigeons” have to put a stop to.

What I found to be very creative is that the “Real Pigeons” are actually real-life pigeons. For example, Rock is named after the Rock pigeon, Frillback is named after the Frillback Pigeon, and so forth. There are very few characters in this book, so they are very easy to follow. The author also created personalities for each pigeon that reflect their names and their looks, which is another innovative part. Even Grandpouter, the oldest of the pigeons, uses a popsicle stick as a cane. The villains, Jungle Crow and Megabat each have backstories and it gets pretty fun when they team up against the “Real Pigeons” to defeat them.

The illustrations in this story are pretty good compared to those in similar graphic novels. All of the pictures in this book are very well drawn and detailed for cartoons. The writing on the other hand, was not as good. The author was trying to make this a simple read for younger kids, but it backfired a little. The story is too childlike for an older kid to like, and parts of it are very cheesy. Parts when the author makes the pigeons say words like “coo” and “pigeon power” it might make older kids want to cringe. Although some events are a little tough to understand, I think it would be a better book for younger kids. The author used simple words with little contractions to help make it easy for smaller kids to read.

This book is very much like the book Stick Dog, as both feature a team of animals trying to work together. It is a fairly short read, about 200 pages with pictures, so you can get through it in about half an hour. Even though some parts were boring, it is a fairly fun and addictive read, so if you are into a pigeon adventure, this book would be perfect for you.