School attire


Should all schools in the Denver Metro area have uniforms? Although many people disagree with that statement, there are many valid reasons they should and also reasons they shouldn’t. About three months ago my class had a writing exercise and one of the questions got me thinking. That question was, “Should all schools have to wear uniforms?” Half of my group thought they should and half of the group thought we shouldn’t. One other person and I thought we should. That being said, here are three reasons I think all schools should wear uniforms. They help the environment with recycling. They resolve stress in the morning, and they also help the school stay organized.

To start off, uniforms help the environment because they are easy to recycle. They are easy to recycle because everyone is required to wear them. So for instance, if it is parent/teacher conference time, there could be a place like box donations where you can donate old uniforms and buy gently used ones too. This will help save the environment because you don’t waste clothes that other people would be pleased to wear.

In addition, school required uniforms reduce stress in the mornings. The reason they reduce stress in the mornings is because you don’t have to plan your outfit or rush outfits in the mornings. Also, parents don’t have to worry about choosing their kids outfit in the mornings, so they have the perfect outfit. “What are you wearing!”, those very words you would never hear again, Unless you still have uniforms. If you are not convinced yet, don’t worry where only 2\3 of the way through so stay tuned.

Finally, uniforms should be in all schools because they help keep schools organized and cause less problems. When schools go on field trips in public places, it causes a lot of confusion. It’s a jungle and everyone is screaming like monkeys, that is not my idea of a good time! But it can resolve those thoughts by being more organized and people being able to see their classmates from a distance due to their outfit! With that thought they represent your school and your school district.

Certainly, schools in Denver are in need of uniforms, and in my opinion, I think all schools should have them. Also they would help thousands of other manners! If that didn’t convince you that schools should have uniforms, I don’t know what will!