Amazon Adventure is a film you do not want to miss!


Amazon Adventure is an exciting 3D film that plays at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in the Imax theater. The film features Henry Bates’s journey in the Amazon..

The film is about Henry Bates’s 11 year journey in the Amazon Rainforest. It starts with a very curious boy named Henry Bates, who had a giant passion for nature. Bates enters adulthood obsessed with wildlife and with an urge to prove that animals can change and adapt over time. He wanted to prove this because, at the time people believed that animals stayed the same as they always were. A caterpillar is the same now as it was 1500 years ago, or so people thought. Same with all other animals.

Bates and his partner, Alfred Wallace, were able to get funding from Samuel Stevens, a collector of exotic wildlife.  The pair went off for Brazil in 1850. When they got there, they needed to collect all types of species to pay off the debt.. Bates and Wallace collected a lot of things, but mainly what they collected was insects. One of the insects of particular interest was the long winged butterfly. Bates became intrigued with the butterfly because he noticed that some of the identical looking butterflies had 4 legs while the others had 6 legs. Bates wondered why another animal would mimic the long winged butterfly that was easy prey? And why wasn’t the butterfly getting eaten? Mostly, Bates questioned why the butterflies looked the same, but still a little different? They seemed to be in the same family.

At the same time as Bates time in the Amazon, Charles Darwin, a well known naturalist, was active and published ‘The Origin of Species’. Bates was able to prove Darwin’s theory about animals changing because in the Amazon, Bates noticed that animals do change over generations and turn into almost a whole new animal, like the long winged butterfly.  This was Big News for this time period.

What I liked most about the film is the caterpillar that looked like a deadly snake. I actually thought it was a snake until Bates realized that it was a caterpillar. I also really liked that the film was 3D, it made everything so realistic.

Amazon Adventure plays at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science intel May 1st. The ticket prices range between the prices of $6.00-$7.00.It’s a 45 minute film that you will enjoy watching.