Denver Museum of Nature & Science: New Astronomy Exhibits Are a Must-See


In 2003, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science opened the Space Odyssey exhibit, which showcases the astronomy of Earth, the Moon, and Mars. Since science, especially around space, is constantly changing, and the Space Odyssey exhibit is changing along with it. Brand new features of the exhibit are coming in fall that immerses you into the universe outside our Earth. But that’s not all DMNS is offering in terms of Space.

The Gates Planetarium offers a wide variety of shows, ranging from a Sesame Street-themed adventure in space, a glimpse into our Moon, to completely unique adventures into planets, the planetarium has it all.

Or maybe you’re more into crafts. DMNS has the perfect activity for you, where you can craft your own rocket and blast it as far as you can.

And stick around later to take a look at the stars and explore galaxies light-years away.

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science has something for everyone no matter your age, but families will have a blast.