In the Role of Brie Hutchens…


In the Role of Brie Hutchens, a fiction story written by Nicole Melleby. This book was about Brie Hutchens, an eighth grade girl who goes to a small Catholic school. Brie has big plans for this year, she plans to get the lead part in her school play and attend a performing arts school. Monmouth County Performing Arts is a school for theatre arts that Brie really wants to audition for. But some things just might not stick to the plan.

When Brie is caught accidentally viewing photos of her favorite soap opera actress, she blurts out that she is going to crown Mary at the May Crowning. ┬áThis turns into a fiasco and Brie turns to Kennedy, very popular, everyones friend, and the obvious choice for the crowning. The rest you have to find out yourselves…

Throughout the book, we learn all about Brie’s life. We also notice that Bries relationship with Kennedy starts to bloom towards the end of the book. Brie learns to try her best to navigate through this chaos with lies, truths, expectations, and identity.

This book again drives in the theme that friendship and family are important to daily existence. The most important thing that Brie learns in particular, is to be true to your sexuality and to express yourself no matter what some people have to say or think of being gay. I would only recommend this book to people who are 11 and older because some readers do experience some mature content. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is interested in theatre, friendship, family and coming out.