The Incredibly Dead Pets of Rex Dexter


Rex Dexter is dying to have a pet. A chocolate lab to be more specific. When his birthday finally rolls around, he is expecting the dog of his dreams. Instead of a dog, his new pet is a chicken. He and his friend Darvish set out to go and buy chicken supplies for his new pet. He comes across an old carnival game called the “Grim Reaper’s Curse”. He plays the game and loses the bet with the Grim reaper. When he turns around to check on the chicken, it’s not there, oh but it is. Flattened by a steam roller, his chicken is now dead. What happens next? Read “The incredibly dead pets of Rex Dexter.” I really enjoyed this book and couldn’t stop reading it. I would highly recommend this book for kids who love to read. In my opinion, younger kids might be a little bit spooked by the ghosts in this book, so I would recommend it for ages 8 to 12. It manages to stay interesting and it is not confusing or crazy in any possible way. What happens to Rex and how will he deal with his flattened chicken? Read “The incredibly dead pets of Rex Dexter.”