What are the Best Stress Toys?


There are a ton of new stress toys today, and there are additional ones being made. But the real question is, what are the first-rate stress toys? In my class, our teacher lets us have stress tools whenever we would like to. Most people think everyone should have stress toys in school to help kids focus. But, a lot of people/teachers do not agree with this statement. I personally think people should have them in school. Now, if your teacher does let you have them in class here are the top three top tools to help you focus. 

 To start off, the number one best stress toy is the sequin hand fidget. Most people absolutely love these. Also, a ton of people has them. These stress toys are rated four or five stars on most websites that sell these stress-relief tools world-wide. These handle your stress really well. I personally love this stress toy and recommend it greatly for focus. You should really have one. How it looks is it has sequins all over it. It can be any color or any shape and size.

Furthermore, the second-best stress toy is Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty. I have used this many times and it helps you focus really well. There are lots in the thin metal case and you can have this stuff for a very long time. Since this stress toy is in a medium/small case it is easy to carry places. Examples are in your backpack to school, to the park in your pocket, or in your bag to the movies. (The movies because some people get stressed.) It’s an everyday stress tool. Again, it relieves stress and it is extremely helpful at school or at home. As you can see, I highly recommend you get Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty.

Ultimately, the third-best stress toy is play foam. There are so many things to do with play foam. For example, shaping it, squeezing it, using it as a stress toy, making houses into it, mixing the colors of play foam together, making a sandcastle, and rolling it into a ball. There are so many shapes and sizes you can make play foam into. You can use it as a way to study or write letters too. Since you can mold them into different shapes, you can mold it into all different letters or words.  

Certainly, there are lots of different stress toys. The top three are sequin hand fidget, Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, and play foam. You should definitely buy at least one of these stress toys. I would if I were you and you want a stress toy.