Emma is rich in detail, and tells a good story


Emma is a classic novel by Jane Austin about a selfish young woman who means well, practically living in her friends’ love lives. Emma(Anya-Taylor Joy) keeps trying to make matches, but like with Mr. Elton(Josh O’Taylor) and Ms. Smith(Mia Goth), things don’t always work out the way she plans. At the beginning of the movie Mr. Nightly(Johnny Flynn), her old close friend, is the only one who criticizes her, saying that Emma must stop thinking about herself and start thinking about how to help others. It takes her some time to find out, almost hurting a dear old friend greatly(who loves to talk about Jane Fairfax), and losing the man who she thought she loved to a woman she despised. 

Emma befriends a poor orphan named Harriet Smith from the country and gets the opportunity to set her up with kind farmer, Robert Martin(Connor Swindells), who is very much in love with her, but things don’t work out when Emma’s pride gets in the way, and she tells her friend to say “No”. Emma has a lot of influence over her friend Harriet, and Harriet looks up to Emma, trying to follow her example. In the end, Harriet works things out with Robert Martin because she doesn’t believe that she should follow Emma’s example after everything had fallen apart for her.  

This movie was very closely based on the book, as in a way that quotes can be pulled of the book matched to the text. It was a good movie itself, but since it was so similar to the book, the characters talked in English accents, and old English grammar, too. The movie made good points and covers the plot of the book, but it took some time to get to the main points. If the movie could have been more straightforward that would have been better, but seeing it as it is, it helped build up the points to get to the main point of the movie. 

This movie was very good, and most young adults and older would probably love to watch this closely based movie, but if they hadn’t read the book they probably wouldn’t understand it. The cast helped brighten the story up, bringing life to these characters and playing them perfectly. The plot of the movie moved a bit slow, but when it got to the climax of the story, things started happening fast, giving me new ideas from the movie to think about. 

I recommend those who read Jane Austin’s novel to watch this movie because it is funny, witty, and engaging all at the same time. The story is rich, as are the costumes and accents, which can just add to the idea of this type of people. If you have never read the book, you should probably not watch the movie, but if you have, you will enjoy seeing this book full of mistakes and new beginnings put into motion.