The Starspun Web: A Journey Through Realities


The Starspun Web is about an orphan girl named Tess and the alternate realities of the world she lives in. The story starts in an orphanage for girls owned by a lady named Miss Ackerbee. One day, a man named Mr. Cleat arrives on their doorstep and claims to be a relative of Tess. She does not want to go with him, but the orphanage and her friends would be in danger if she would not. She goes to Mr. Cleats mansion and lives there alongside the staff and Mrs. Thistelton, the woman who hates Tess. Tess is out exploring, and stumbles upon a mysterious place. Can she save the universes? Or will she be destroyed trying?

The book flowed well with the moment and transitioned between characters in a way that keeps the reader reading. The characters were developed with their own unique personalities in their own special way. The author built off of the main ideas and made new ones at the same time. That made the story very interesting in a way that made me want to see what happens next.

The book itself isn’t very suspenseful, or it just doesn’t build the suspense. It was also hard to determine what time period that the story took place in. Aside from those, it was, overall, a very good book for older children. There are many offside characters that didn’t need much attention, but got it anyway. So there is some filler text. But the way that the writer developed the main character while developing the other characters is very satisfying. The characters all played their part very well which gave the book a nice structure. If you like young protagonists against adult antagonists, this book might be for you.

This book has many sides of the story and different characters narrate during different characters, sort of like the Percy Jackson series. As a reader, you really feel like you are the main character by the way the parts of the story are laid out. The impersonation of the characters is very fun, and it is an enjoyable adventure overall. If you have ever wanted to step into another reality— well, if you read books, you always do—then you might want to read this. It could be for you.