Travel and Adventure Show 2020


Do you want to travel the world? I do and I was able to do it in one afternoon! My family and I attended the Travel and Adventure show last Saturday at the Convention Center in Denver. We visited many different booths from all kinds of countries/states/city. In addition to finding out the places a lot of the stands had various goodies and food samples including poplar candy, food from their country/state/city they were presenting. Their booth felt very complete with the food samples and the experiences  because it felt like everything was there. There were also culture demonstrations (music/dancing/crafts).

As if this was not enough fun, there were also talks with the travel show host. Like about getting off the tourist path. The speakers were Rick Steves, Josh Gates, Pauline Frommer, Valerie Joy Wilson, and many more. It was wild to see your favorite travel show host in real life. Rick Steves and Josh Gates are really liked by my parents. My mother always has some Rick Steves book around the house to research our next great vacation. Addition of all the travel books Josh Gates also has a couple of travel books (it is not really a travel book). Josh Gates and Rick Steves both have travel books. Let’s talk about travel shows. First of all Josh Gates has many shows but the ones I feel that are most popular are Expedition Unknown and also Destination Truth. His shows are a little of a travel show but more of an Adventure show that’s not tell you a lot about the destination. On the other hand is always Rick Steves. Rick’s shows are more on the travel side. I also met David McGuffin who has a company that offers pre-designed trips throughout Europe. He looked familiar, and it was because I had previously seen his YouTube videos. I asked him one question, “What trips do you recommend for families?” He was nice enough to answer back with a question, “Where do you want to go?” I think this means that the start of a good trip is to go somewhere you really want to go. In Europe, most places have plenty of fun things to do.

I was super close to getting to meet Josh Gates but Rick Steves went over by 15mins (over his time slot).All of the vendors are like mini trips. Every vendor offered tips and places to go for unique travel experiences. A custom safari in Africa, a biking tour in France, a cruise to Luxembourg or a tip line experience in Costa Rica and much more,you name it they have it. We learned about some adventure opportunities  that were local like Georgetown Loop Railroad and a new Jellystone resort called Yogi Bear opening just in time for summer.

Have you traveled internationally before? If not, then you should get your passport. I was able to meet with the Department of State and was provided information on how to get a passport for kids under 16. The process is a little more difficult because you have your parents involved in the process to approve the passport. More information is available at the U.S. Department of State website and you will be completing Form DS-11.





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