Get On the Field with Four Soccer Stars


If you’re interested in the US Women’s National Soccer Team, you’ll find that the book “On the Field with Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, Carli Lloyd, and Mallory Pugh” is a great book for soccer lovers who want to learn a lot of fun facts about these four female soccer stars. 

I liked this book because I am a soccer player and all the players highlighted in this book are my superheroes and my motivation to work harder. I also liked the way Matt Christopher wrote such interesting facts. Did you know Megan Rapinoe is a twin and her and her twin had to drive two and a half hours to their practices to play for Elk Grove? Did you know Alex Morgan’s parents wanted her to be a boy? Alex Morgan has the nickname: Baby Horse. Her teammates gave it to her. Horse, because of how she looked when she ran, all long legs and longer strides. And Baby because at just 21 years old, she was the youngest member of the United States Women’s National Team. Did you know Carli Lloyd’s team won the Olympics gold medal match because of her incredible goal? And that she started in the Olympic Development Program when she was only 14 years old?  Mallory Pugh was born here in Littleton, CO and has loved soccer since age 4. She helped to win the U12 state championship in 2010 for Real Colorado and her U13 team won it again the next year! She made the US Women’s National team at age 15 and in 2015, she got the US soccer young female player of the year.  

Overall this book is filled with lots of facts about these amazing four female soccer stars. Read it if you want to learn a lot more about them. And just remember to cheer for the US Women’s National Team!