Bear Creek Park

A lot is going on in our communities right now, and with so many closures or activities suddenly off limits. What should we do or what can we do with all these closures around?  You can head outside of course! What is great about Bear Creek park is only about 30mins with light traffic (if you drive there). Bear Creek is located in Lakewood, CO. But, really feels like a life away. Not like it feels like forever away but feels as if you’re in another world. But, you can also bring your pets (this includes many types of dogs on some trails. And horses on some of the trails.) During the summer Bear Creek is known for many outside activities near a lake named Big Soda Lake. Big Soda Lake is known in the summer months to have activities like hiking, picnicking, fishing, boating, swimming, and having lots of fun as well as enjoying yourselves. Year round you also have the choice of like hiking, running, mountain biking, fishing, boating, camping, horse riding, and much more things to do. This park is filled with 2,624 acres of climbable and beautiful land to hike on. There are paved trails throughout Bear Creek. But, the most incredible thing is the wildlife sightings. When you explore the park on one of the six soft surface trails. There are more than fifteen miles of trails in all. We followed Cottonwood Trail, Mt. Carbon Loop, and Owl Trail. Which treated us to many wildlife sightings like owl, bass or trout, a herd of female elk, eagle, and prairie dogs. On Mt. Carbon Loop there is a golf course and bathrooms with a drinking fountain at the very top. It is not very hard to get to the top. Along the way, I found many stones and rocks. Being out in nature, hearing the crunch of gravel under our feet, and the warm sunshine on our faces reminded me that there is lots to be grateful for. This also reminded me that nature and unexpected surprises has the power to recharge and reground us now matter what we are going through. So go outside to enjoy the experience you won’t ever be disappointed.