Vivy Cohen Follows Her Dreams


“Get a Grip Vivy Cohen” by Sarah Kapit is a book about a girl playing baseball. Vivy is done playing catch at home with her brother. She wants to play for a real team. But, her Mom doesn’t agree. She thinks Vivy should play softball or not play at all. Vivy is worried about being the only autistic kid and the only girl. One day she went to social skills and her teacher told her to write a letter to someone. Vivy knows exactly who to choose, her hero V.J. Capelo {who is a knuckleball pitcher in the major league}. Not too long after, V.J. starts writing her back. Vivy is so excited. The next day, she went with her bother to go practice pitching and a coach notices her and asks her to be on his team. With a lot of convincing her mom to be on the team, she finally says yes! At the first practice, everyone was unsure about having a girl on the team except one kid named Alex who turns out to ber her catcher and new best friend. Another kid on the team Kyle is a bully to her. He makes fun of her and injures her, but luckily her friend Alex is there to get back at him. While V.J. is hearing all of this he’s giving Vivy great advice about how to pitch and how to deal with Kyle. Vivy is not doing well with her first few starts winning only a few games. The same goes for V.J. who isn’t doing well either. Some stuff has been going on at home with Vivy’s brother but she can’t seem to figure it out. Suddenly a big injury happens which puts her back on the bench. Will she heal before the season is over?

I enjoyed this book for a few reasons. I love sports and am a softball player myself, so could relate to her playing the game. Her struggles were realistic and having siblings myself, I liked the element of sibling bonding. Overall, this is a heartfelt story about following your dreams, and if you like sports and baseball, I think you’ll enjoy it.