Baking Bizcochuelo

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Over spring break, my mom and I learned how to make bizcochuelo! Bizcochuelo is like a cake, it’s pretty sweet, but not overpowering. This is an Ecuadorian recipe that my grandma (who lives in Ecuador) has been making since she was a little girl.

The recipe is really simple, and doesn’t take too long to make. The recipe requires eggs, sugar and flour. This recipe is actually very flexible, which makes it hard to mess up on. 

To make bizcochuelo, you need three tablespoons of sugar and flour for each egg. My grandma suggested starting off with three eggs, so we put in nine tablespoons of sugar and nine tablespoons of flour. 

Beating and separating the eggs

The first step in making it, is to prepare the eggs. To do this, you have to separate the egg white from the egg yolk. If you don’t have an egg separator, what you would do is over one bowl (the biggest bowl) you pass the egg yolk from one egg shell half to the other. This causes the white to fall out in the process. Then, you put the yolk in the smaller bowl. You do not want to mix the two together until after the white and the yolk have been mixed separately! (If a piece of the yolk falls in the white, take it out as best as you can.) The first one you will mix is the white. Because you have to mix well, it is best to use a mixer if you have one. If you don’t, you can mix it with a spoon. You mix the egg white eggstremely well until it peaks. The reason you can’t mix the white with the yolk is because the egg white won’t peak if it’s mixed with the yolk. Once the egg white has peaked, you can move on to mixing the yolk. The yolk doesn’t need to be mixed as well as the egg white. 

After mixing them separately, you can beat the eggs together. 

Once they’re mixed together, you can start to add the sugar and flour. To find how much you need, just multiply the number of eggs you used by three. Because we used three eggs, we used nine tablespoons (don’t use teaspoons!) of both flour and sugar. Mix that in with the eggs one tablespoon at  a time. If you want, add a pinch of baking soda. In addition to that, you can also add a little vanilla or a drop of lime. (One or the other, though, don’t do both.) Again, totally optional. 

Because the baking time varies by how many eggs you use, there is actually no exact baking time. We put it in the oven (preheated to 350℉) and kept checking on it until it rose and was brown. Then you can do the toothpick check; put a toothpick in it and if the toothpick has a lot of batter on it, you need to put it in the oven longer. Do this until the toothpick comes up clean. 

You can enjoy bizcochuelo with many toppings, but we put caramel on it. 

Photo credit: Wikipedia

To make your own caramel (also called dulce de leche), you put sweetened condensed milk (in an unopened can) in a crockpot for eight hours on low. Fill the crockpot with enough hot water to cover the cans. After eight hours on low, put the cans in a bowl of cold water. Do not open the cans while they are hot! After they’ve cooled, you can put them in a container where it will stay good for up to a month in the refrigerator. Enjoy with apples, on bread and on bizcochuelo!