Race to order “Race to the Sun”


Imagine that you can see monsters in a world where most people do not believe in supernatural creatures. In Rebecca Roanhorse’s book, Race to the Sun, a seventh grader named Nizhoni (pronounced NI-jhoh-nih) Begay can spot monsters, whether they take a human form or not. 

Nizhoni is an unusual  teenage girl with a strange gift, having the ability to see and the duty to slay monsters. When she figures out that her father’s new boss is a monster, she freaks out. Unfortunately, her family is not so convinced, and they believe that Mr. Charles is just a normal businessman. Nizhoni discovers that her missing Navajo mom was a monsterslayer, just like herself. When her father gets kidnapped by Mr. Charles the next day, Nizhoni, her best friend Davery, and Mac have to get to the House of the Sun and save her father before something worse happens. 

The Race to the Sun is well written, but not exceptionally written. The funny tone of Race to the Sun did not affect the overall reading experience, and  I wish that Roanhorse put more character detail, because she never described anyone other than Nizhoni. She did, however, put a lot of detail into the action scenes. For instance, the last battle was good enough that I had a detailed action scene going around in my head. The plot goes forward at a faster than expected pace, but not fast enough for me to get confused about what was happening. 

In conclusion, this book has a stunning plot and is entirely worth reading. Besides more character informationion, Race to the Sun will fill almost all your needs in a fantasy book. Roanhorse did a phenomenal job in this Rick Riordan Presents book. Due to those reasons, I rate this book an eight out of ten and for ages 10-15.