Raise Your Voice: 12 Protests That Shaped America


“Raise Your Voice” is an intriguing non-fiction book by Jeffery Kluger. This book is full of historical information. Not only does Kluger write about the civil uprisings, but he also tells you the story and history of each individual protest. This book goes from the Boston Tea Party to The Democratic Convention to the unforgettable March Against Nuclear Weapons.

The Earth Day protest really stood out to me because as a person who cares about saving our planet, it was sad to read how factory workers would treat our rivers like a dump. Kluger describes in his writing how oil and other produced waste were being dumped into the rivers. He also describes how the rivers didn’t even flow anymore, that they were oozing.

The Women’s March is described as a very important key concept in this book. While reading the chapter about the protest, I noticed that the author, Kluger, seemed to be a little biased on one side of the story during the protest. Other than that, Kluger gives great details about how and why The Women’s March was important to the shaping of America.

The book really spoke to me. I felt like when I was reading this book that even just a simple middleclass person like Rosa Parks or Elizabeth Cady could turn something wrong into something that would change American history forever.

If you are into American Political history, then I would most defiantly recommend this book for you to read. As much as it was delightful to read about America’s past, there were events in this book that I wished never happened. But, if those events had never happened, we wouldn’t be the great standing country we are today.

I found a quote from the book that I thought everyone should read: “The twelve stories of civil uprisings that follow are by no means the only ones that have shaped America, but they are among the ones that have shaped us the most-and they are the ones that teach us lessons still.”

That quote really stood out to me because there are hundreds of protests that shape America but these 12 mentioned in the book are by far the most important to sculpting and shaping every detail of Americas past, present, and future. So I deeply encourage you to read this book and understand the shaping of America.