The Next Sherlock Holmes


Have you ever worked for something so hard? What would you do if you had the opportunity to accomplish your dream? In “Goldie Vance,” Lilliam Rivera describes the story of Goldie Vance, a 16-year-old girl who dreams of becoming the house detective of a resort her dad has worked at for most of her life. She is stuck being a valet and only the assistant to the house detective but she hopes to accomplish her dream someday soon..

Goldie’s dad works at a resort and is very work oriented. Goldie’s mom works at the Mermaid Club. She works as a mermaid, mesmerizing the customers with her underwater tricks. Even though her parents are divorced, they are the best of friends and and always save time for Goldie.

Crossed Palms Resort is the filming spot for a new Baldwin Movie Studios film. There will be on star of the show, Delphine Lucerne (a world-renowned swimmer). Along with Mrs. Lucerne, a priceless diamond covered swim cap is arriving. This is Goldie’s chance to prove herself as the new house detective. Goldie is so nervous she can’t sleep.. Even after her mom gives her a pep talk, she still can’t help feeling worried.

Goldie faces many challenges. For example, she like this girl but is too scared to ask her out. She sees her every time she goes to her mom’s house after work but get so nervous that she can’t speak. Another challenge she is facing is making sure to get her bosses attention to ensure a job promotion as the house detective for the resort.

In the book “Goldie Vance” there are no pictures, but the author does a phenomenal job of describing all the events. I could visualize everything from a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the underwater actors dressed in their mermaid costumes.

I would rate this book an 8 out of 10. I would rate it an 8 out of 10 because the author didn’t spend much time describing some of the characters. This is a great historical fiction book. I would recommend this book for 3rd graders through 8th graders because it is a kid centered book.. It is a great read for kids who love detective stories.