Struggling to Fit In and Searching For a Friend


Thirteen year old Frankie just wants to be normal kid. That, and get her best friend back. But that’s easier said than done, especially for a girl like her who isn’t neurotypical.
Cat Patricks new book “Tornado Brain” illustrates the life of Frankie, as well as the challenges of growing up with neurological disorders, while craftily blending in mysteries and adventures.
This would definitely be a book for anyone who likes realistic fiction and mystery. What’s amazing is that you can really relate to how Frankie feels, especially because of all the changes that are happening in her life and all the emotion in the book .
One thing to watch out for while you’re reading is that the author often jumps from the present to the past, which can make the plot a little confusing at times.
The book gives you a kind of peephole into different points of view, and the way that Cat Patrick puts everything straight paints a picture of how Frankie thinks.
If you like Ali Benjamins book “The Thing About Jellyfish”, then you’ll enjoy “Tornado Brain”. They both feature friendships and losses, as well as emotional rollercoasters, in which both characters face questions about who they really are.
Not only is “Tornado Brain” just about a girl with a disorder, it also weaves in mysteries and memories that really pull the reader into the plot.
On a scale of one to ten, I would rate “Tornado Brain” as an eight or a nine.
The plot involves the mystery of a lost student, as well as a breaking relationship between Frankie and her sister. On top of that, Frankie has to convince her mom that she can handle herself without needing supervision or therapy.
Cat Patrick, the author, has written several other young adult books, including “Forgotten” and “Revived”, and this book is specially recommended for young teens. “Tornado Brain” would be a good pick for 9 to 14 year olds going through difficult times.
If you’re looking for a good read that features an engaging plot and interesting perspectives, you might want to consider reading “Tornado Brain”.