COVID-19 Crisis

Mocha had to learn the elbow bump, almost there!!

School may be out for the rest of the year for Boulder Valley School District students. For me this will be weird because I am in 8th grade and all the end of year celebrations will probably be canceled. Same goes for my brother who is in 5th grade. My dog, Mocha in the picture is happy, I mean he is a dog, the only thing that makes him sad is that he can’t play with his best friend because of social distancing.For my mom it was easy to move online because she is a teacher at Metro State University and one of her classes is already online and the other on campus one is already mostly online, she just lectures on Zoom. My Dad is an environmental consultant and his company is online but a few people have to go in to make sure the others can do their work so he still has to go to work to keep things in order. But we are all doing well and doing our best to practice social distancing and staying healthy by washing our hands very often and not touching things outside.