Dog Lego Treater


Once I got done celebrating that I get an extra two weeks of spring break I started to have some questions like what would I do to occupy myself since places that I would get to go to on any other break (the science museum,zoo, library, pool, movie theater) are either closed or are restricting access and are off limits. When I thought about life with all these limitations my life actually resembled someones life that I know very well…my dog’s. Sure we take Roxy to the park and to The Home Depot but on a day to day basis her activities are pretty limited. I remembered a concept that a zookeeper explained to me at the zoo- the importance of animal enrichment. Animal enrichment is defined as activities that encourage an animal to problem solve. The activities could be as simple as giving them a new toy to learning a new routine or being in a different enclosure at the zoo. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical stimulation. I take Roxy (my dog) to the park to fetch but how often do I provide her with activities that challenge her mentally?( leaving a liver treat on the table so she doesn’t beg for my dinner doesn’t count) Enrichment has been shown to reduce stress, increase confidence, improve sleep quality and general wellbeing. I really want Roxy to feel all of those things. For Christmas we got her a treat puzzle board and she loves it. Basically she has to open and slide little trap doors with her nose or her paws to retrieve the treat. It’s fun and Roxy really likes it. I wondered if I could make one at home using materials around the house. And I also wondered if I could make something like it for cats. I did some research for this project and found a cool model on Since, my parents didn’t want me using any power tools. I thought of using legos. So I went to Pinterest and typed in to the search bar Lego treat dispenser for house pets. Originally it was a candy dispenser. We got step by step instructions from (Originally the house pet dispenser was a candy dispenser for humans.) When we made the original dispenser we made some modifications but used the general design and it worked! It really did dispense treats! Roxy enjoyed the dispenser although she never