Fun Isn’t Under Lockdown

By: Ethan Jung


The recent coronavirus outbreak has affected many people around the world, and not too long ago, the US begun shutting down businesses including schools, meaning that we had to stay home.

I always loved staying home from school, so when my dad told me that my school has an extended spring break, I was very excited. However, when my parents said that I can’t have playdates with friends or go outside, I was very sad. This made me feel like I was trapped inside, and didn’t feel like a real break. Also, when my vacation plans were ruined, I was very upset. However, this week, I started to understand why we’re needing to do this, and even though I was bored, I was able to find something to do, like learning a new coding language. My parents also told me that I can call my friends or go out in the backyard, and my feelings of disappointment were starting to disappear.

If you feel like jumping out the door, understanding why we need to do this is a great idea for you.