Lockdown Report


During the lockdown, my family and I are trying our best to keep calm and stay safe. I am currently on spring break, but my school has been cancelled for another week. I have never been in a situation like this before. I’ll admit, it’s scary, but if we always wash our hands and try to avoid touching our face, then we can try to control this outbreak. My dad’s work is going to be closed until April 7th but he will still have to do work at home. And for my mom, she is a sales representative that has to visit outside clients and if they are closed, she can’t do her job.I am trying my best not to sit around and watch television. I made my own daily agenda of what to do while we are on this lockdown. If you are bored, try doing crafts, baking, or reading to cure the boredom. Play with your pet or if you have siblings, hang out with them. Remember to always wash your hands or use hand sanitizer to keep clean.