my response to covid-19


My school closed on March 13th due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Since then I have been stuck at home and so has the rest of my family. My younger brother is out of school; my Dad, who is a college professor, is working from home because his school is closed; my mom, who works at Denver Zoo, is mostly working from home, but is still able to go into the office sometimes, and my stepdad is working from home and from his office.

It is strange to have everyone at home all of the time. My brother and I get some change of scenery because our parents are divorced and we live at my dad’s house and at my mom’s house, but the days are starting to blur together. 

I am trying to keep my sanity by going outside and to the park. I play basketball (mostly by myself, but sometimes there are other kids there, often with moms carrying hand sanitizer!), and my brother rides his bike. When we are at home, we are definitely spending more time on electronics than is normal for us, but our dad, mom and stepdad are also requiring us to read, walk dogs, help out around the house and, in my brother’s case, do some work that was sent home from school. 

We learned today that Denver Public School’s closure has been extended to April 20. I wonder if this will ever end or if we will not even have school for the rest of the year. To be honest, I am already bored and the idea of not having school has lost its novelty. I also don’t like how empty the world outside feels; I live in the city so I am used to seeing buses and light rail and lots of people just out working or doing things, but now those things and sounds are absent. 

I worry a lot about this outbreak. I know that the stock market is way down, and everything is closed so lots of people have lost their jobs. I worry about people being angry and scared and maybe there might be riots. I thought a lot about this when I went to the grocery store and saw how many aisles were empty. I wonder if this will be a second Great Depression, but worse, because you can’t create big job programs since no one can go out and do the work together. 

I know that we will probably rebound, and I know we have gotten through other things like the Great Depression. It seems like people are taking this seriously and that is reassuring. It is hard, though, not to worry a lot, like about my parents losing their jobs, especially without much else to do like my normal schedule.