The New Normal


Coronavirus has us working from home, and while it has made us a little stir-crazy, we have been enjoying some perks. 

We miss face to face time, and we long for what we used to be able to do, like going to a restaurant, or even visiting someone who doesn’t live with you. 

We have been reading, baking, and taking walks every day. I text my friends daily, and we FaceTime once a week, but I would like to do it twice a week, just to help with the withdrawal of seeing people. 

I started online school this Monday, and it’s been a little rough to get used to, but I think that I’ll get it. After all, we only have a month to pick it up, right? 

Our teachers have been using Schoology to post assignments, and for classes like Theater, we’re using online resources to take videos of ourselves and send to the teachers. For other classes, we’re using resources like Google Classroom to submit our assignments. 

One benefit to being inside is that my family and I have been enjoying activities together, like backyard badminton, Uno Flip, and Pictionary. We’ve been buying enough food and groceries to last us two weeks, so we only have to go shopping once every two weeks to avoid exposure to sickness. 

Other than that, we have been treating this like a new normal. We work online, and we all work on the same floor. This has been a little distracting, but we’re doing the best with what we’re handed.

We got to set up workstations, which helps personalize the space and helps us feel more excited about working from home. 

Something I love about this strange situation is that even though we’re all in the midst of different situations and home lives, we’re all understanding of each other, and staying as connected as possible, while staying six feet apart.