Quarantine Fun

The new pizza oven being tested.

During our time in quarantine so far, my family has been up to a lot. First of all, for my mom’s birthday in early March, she got a pizza oven – so we decided to use it to make some delicious pizzas. It was definitely a fun experience and we had a blast making dinner! Everyone got to roll out their own dough and choose their own toppings.  Second, we have been baking a lot. One day we made pavlova (a meringue-based dessert topped with custard and tropical fruit), and another day we made blood-orange cupcakes! Both were very fun to make and eat. Lastly, we have been helping out my 89-year old grandfather who lives alone by bringing him meals, groceries and other supplies. A few times a week we go over to his house to drop off fresh food for him along with basic essentials so he doesn’t have to risk going out in public. We also have set up an Amazon Show device so now we can FaceTime with him and talk!