Cuphead: Carnival Chaos


Cuphead: Carnival Chaos is a novel by Ron Bates and is based on the cartoon video game Cuphead. The book is about a boy named Cuphead, his brother Mugman, and their friend Ms. Chalice. They need to buy Cuphead’s guardian, Elder Kettle, a birthday present for his surprise birthday party, so when they set their eyes upon a gold pocket watch, they decide to buy that for his birthday. But on the way out of school, they see the carnival in the distance, and they are drawn toward it. Elder Kettle warned them about the carnival, saying that it was full of tricksters, liars, and thieves. Will they stay on task and prepare for the party? Or will they disobey his orders and go to the carnival?

This book is basically a funny, long, kids book. There are a lot of funny words in it too, like bamboozled, and there are a lot of play on words. When the beginning of the first scene begins, you can immediately identify what kind of person Cuphead is. The setting of the story is obviously cartoonish when you read the first chapter, making the story easy and fun to read. the words aren’t hard to read at all, so the novel is good for beginning or young audiences. There are enjoyable pictures at the beginning of each chapter, with hidden references to the game in them. 

The Cuphead universe is so enjoyable, and it is the kind of book one would read more than one time. The book is a light read for everyone to enjoy, and there is a little bit of every genre in it as well. The book has adventure, fighting, suspense, and a little bit of mischief. 

The build up to the climax is smooth, but is still broken up to keep you reading. The book will still make sense even if you don’t know anything about the game. The characters are carefully developed in their own way, expressing their own unique personalities. Overall, Cuphead: Carnival Chaos is recommended for anyone who wants a good laugh.